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HD Online Player (the Free Willy 2 Full Movie Download) (April-2022)




. Notes References External links Category:1979 films Category:American films Category:English-language films Category:Films directed by Jonathan Mostow Category:Films shot in North Carolina Category:Seafaring films Category:Submarine filmsCollateral Damage: Navy's Troubling Lack Of Oversight Enlarge this image toggle caption U.S. Navy/Getty Images U.S. Navy/Getty Images The Navy's installation in Hawaii has become a key symbol of the Navy's slow response to problems on its ships. A ship off the coast of Hawaii last fall failed to follow safety procedures in a battle exercise, resulting in the deaths of three sailors. It's a huge tragedy for the family and friends of those sailors, and for the Navy. But when it comes to the job of overseeing all of its ships at sea, the Navy hasn't been very good at it. That comes as no surprise to a lot of defense and military veterans. Military personnel have been demanding more effective oversight of the military, and the Pentagon has been slow to respond. For example, Navy brass has known for years that there was an alarming problem with its nuclear-powered attack submarines, the world's largest warships. Even after the government commissioned a $35 million study to examine the defects, the problem has only gotten worse. "Our front-line forces are at war, they're not going to expect us to give them their new computers while they're at war," says retired Gen. John Abizaid. "It doesn't take very long to set up a computer network. I don't think that it takes three years. It should have been done," he says. A problem that should have been solved in three years hasn't been solved. Abizaid says it took six years for the Marine Corps to get its new computer network set up. Abizaid heads a nonprofit group called Force XXI, which advises the Pentagon on how to reorganize the military's bureaucracy. But the group's reports are ignored and the reforms that it recommends are often shelved, he says. "It is actually a very bureaucratic problem," he says. "The bureaucracy creates these barriers that make these recommendations take forever to get implemented." Abizaid says there's a good reason that the Pentagon has been slow to respond to the problems on its ships: The Pentagon relies heavily on the same people to



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HD Online Player (the Free Willy 2 Full Movie Download) (April-2022)

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