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TC USA is a leading AI-based drone services company dedicated to energy transition, such as:


   - Monitoring and inspecting oil & gas production sites and drilling sites.

   - Detect, localize and quantify methane leaks and quickly prevent inadvertent venting.

   - Monitoring and inspecting wind farms, and quickly detect wind blade defects before failure.

   - Monitoring and inspecting solar farms, and quickly detect defective solar panels.

   - Geo-mapping any locations or production for before-and-after assessment for insurances,

   - Geo-mapping any construction sites for progress supplier monitoring.

Our team bring over 100 years of expertise, experience and passion for delivering quality and safe work around the world and help accelerate any company energy transition efforts.

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3101 Haynes, Midland, TX 79705
Office: (432) 967-4212

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